This involves the crimes of the Catholic Church, as well as, complicit, if not explicit, help from the Government of Canada. These two institutions perpetrated atrocities relatively unnoticed in Canada, along with all the other shameful activities, but for our purposes, we are looking for Death Eater connections.

The residential schools, a rather disgusting black spot on canadian history, is far and wide related to OpDeathEaters. Helping to expose these atrocities, maybe, just maybe we as a country can start to heal. For in the denial of this canadian event, we as canadians are too ashamed to look further into the rather dehumanization and victimization of the Indigenous peoples of this country. We need to recognize these events, so that we can move on and forever banish the grounds it has laid for the Death Eaters. http://www.theprovince.com/John+Furlong+accuser+withdraws+sexual+assault+lawsuit+against+former+VANOC+boss/10676242/story.html

This is historical fact these institutions would gather up children, whisk them away to remote areas, not allowed to go home and visit their parents. With the sole intention, stated intention, to civilize in a western manner, these savage children. Stripping them of a cultural identity, soon to be forgotten, or so wished by the Catholic Church and Government of Canada, and by doing so, severing the important generational link for these communities and peoples.


Even though the schools remained open until the 1960’s, the last one closing in 1996, the government of Canada still has racist and dehumanizing tactics when engaged with the indigenous peoples of canada. Forced onto reserves, claiming they have everything they need, what more could they want?

Exposing the very corruption, that is squeezing these people and their children to death, will eradicate the vulnerable atmospheres that Death Eaters used to flourish unnoticed all over Canada.


This is a fairly wide and general area. Unfortunately we can’t spend too much time focusing on arresting perpetrators at the low levels, we’re trying to connect the dots to the top and take those bastards out of commission, or at the very least hold those responsible, accountable (Catholic Church, Govt of Canada, etc)

I find it would be best if we stray from ITCCS and Kevin Annett. He is a one man tribunal, and plays really well on the emotions.

Try not to lose focus on the next step, establishing a victim-led independent inquiry, so as to investigate further and be able provide safety and security to the victims.


Laying the groundwork, more to come.

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