Dear Canada,

       Given the sad state of affairs this “country” seems to be in, we, as fellow men and women who happen to fall under the “jurisdiction” of the corporation of Canada, need to come together as a community, the people who happen to live here, to stand up and bring humanitarian justice to this society.
        The system in place has not been effective in saving our children, human trafficking is rampant, child abuse (which should be referred to as child rape/torture) only seems to be growing. Charities are often useless in eradicating this dilemma we find ourselves in, they have to wait for money or donations before they can “help”, as good as their intentions are, it’s not enough.  
        The Harper Government has also been blatantly dismissive in opening an inquiry into the Murdered, Missing Indigenous Women (MMIW), so what are we waiting for? Why are we waiting for help, when we can be the adults, men and women of all sorts, who demand an inquiry. Not just any inquiry, but one who’s scope can actually get to the bottom of this plague on society. We, as adults, are the only ones who can/should protect our children.
        Given the past actions of the government, religious organizations, private and public corporations, non-profit organizations, we need an alternative, one led by the people, for the people, a truly noble effort on our part. We have been let down by the system in place, this is a call to be an adult and take care of the situation.
        I don’t have any answers as to how to achieve the end goal of protecting our women and children, other than starting an inquiry, supported by the victims and the people, to investigate further. We need to practically tackle this issue, and get started. We need to start asking questions such as, “Why are so many women and children gone missing? Why does it seem the powers at be are dismissive and overlook these issues?” 

We need a genuine inquiry, with genuine people, in order to have a society we are proud of.

        In this seemingly hopeless and helpless attitude we carry, there is still hope. We just have to remember that we are all connected through communities and technology. Never before have we been so close to associate with one another, yet the media and other influences push a dis-associative agenda. Two people can be in the same room, yet mentally, miles apart. We are stronger together, let us remember what true people power can achieve.
        Please, as a fellow human being, I want a better future for my children, for all children are our children. Without future generations, how are we going to survive?
an adult 
(supporting Operation: Death Eaters)


#OpDeathEaters Canada – Continue

One thought on “Dear Canada,

  1. Want your first murder ( i believe this is it ) Lorretta saunders was a university student doing her thesis on missing native women in canada killed by her roommates ( drugy types known to police and the state ) , her professor may have her thesis not sure . She was asking to many questions as she was native also . Canada lost a bright caring woman and we want to know why . Future project anon … who is killing the scientists in the world , i have been following this for years and sadly we just lost one whole group of top level scientists in space sciences in two years and one just died on jan 23 2015 the first of this year with NASA robotics . ty for all you do .


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